Children’s Garden at Kew

Last month we were asked along to Kew Gardens to have a sneak peek at the new children’s play area. It’s a garden space designed for children aged 2-12 set amongst mature trees which provide lots of walkways and secret hidey holes.

Having never been to Kew and not seeing the previous play area, I didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t disappointed though.

As we entered the gardens we had to walk around the outside of the play area to get to the entrance and walking past we could see little bits through the gates and trees, it looked brilliant! It was as good as we thought when we got inside. It was full of slides, sand pits, huge wooden climbing frames, water areas, trampolines, walkways, soft flooring and stage areas. Sounds good right?!

Betty was off in seconds exploring everything over and over again. She particularly enjoyed the climbing frames and spent a very long time on the stage… naturally!

The garden is situated by the White Peaks cafe (open 10-6), loos and indoor play/learning area so it’s the perfect spot to plonk yourself for a day. There’s also a car park behind the play area , £7 for the day, it’s not big though so get there early!

The garden play area opens this weekend, 18th May.

Doesn’t it look fabulous.I can’t wait to go back, I can see us spending time there throughout the summer!

You can find out more about the gardens here .

Sarah x

*Press trip. I wasn’t asked to create this blog post but I wanted to as I thought it would be helpful for other parents. Reviews are my honest and my own.

Unicorns do exist!

Last weekend saw us spend five whole days celebrating Betty’s birthday. Bit extreme I know but, I love a birthday and turning 5 felt so huge to me that I wanted to spoil her rotten!

The final celebration was probably the one I’d been looking forward to most and I’m so glad we saved it until last.

We headed to Ash Green in Surrey for a very magical experience with My Little Unicorn.

From the moment we turned up I was blown away.

I’m just as bad as Betty and love all things girly, sparkly, pretty, pink… unicorn themed, so to see bunting, toadstools, pink pom-poms as we entered the forest was just wonderful!

A magical entrance!

Below I will go through handy information you might like to know incase you’d like to take your little one.

Top tip… if you’re a keen photographer, take your camera!! I decided to leave mine at home and am still kicking myself as my phone shots just don’t do it justice.

What is it?

“We are based in Ash Green on the Surrey/Hampshire border. We bring the magic, sparkle and WOW to your event. 

From birthday parties, weddings, festivals to photoshoots we offer a wide variety of unicorn magic!

With one or more of our unique and friendly Unicorns

And now you can have your party in our new and enchanting venue, The Woodland Wonderland”

What did our experience involve?

We purchased tickets for an Easter event so with that ticket we received- an Easter egg hunt & chocolate gift, a unicorn ride, drinks, colouring activities, grooming and walking of a unicorn.

Where is it?

Ash Green, Surrey, GU12 6EH

Age range

There were some little children there during our time there.

I’m not sure how they got on really but I would say 2 years upwards would be fine.

Will little legs get tired?

There’s no large amounts of walking at all. It’s all in one area so no, little legs will be fine.

The Unicorns

They are SO friendly. Really calm and well behaved, they don’t seem to mind being fussed over at all.

There is a staff member close by at all times, holding the reigns, they never let go of them.

What should we wear?

All clothing is appropriate, I would just advise closed footwear like trainers/boots. I wore sandals which weren’t really a problem but it’s set in a forest with a bark/ foresty flooring so I was always shaking my feet to gets bits out.

How long are the unicorn rides?

I would say each child gets about 5 minutes on the unicorn.

They are done in pairs and away from the rest of the group that is with you.

Helmets are provided.

Everyone else waits in the main area and the children play on the play equipment/ groom a third unicorn/ take it for a walk, complete colouring sheets or cuddle and stroke other animals (we were lucky as we had lambs and chicks- perfect time to visit!)

Any extras?

There’s a playground area including a trampoline, wendy house, swing, slides, small climbing frame.

Our Easter Egg hunt took us around the back of the site where they have little enclosures for each unicorn and the magic continues there as well. It’s so special!

Is there food and drink?

For us, there was no food. You’d be ok to take in a few small snacks though.

They provided squash and water.

No coffee shop type facility (I think I overheard that’s a possible long term plan)


Toilets on site away from the event.

No sinks that I could see but hand gel/ wipes available.

Lots of seating.


Free parking on site. Very accessible, all parked in one small area. Last in, first out.

The Easter gift

That’s all the information I can think to provide right now but do feel free to ask me anything if there’s something I’ve missed off.

We really did have such a special time and it was the perfect way to round Betty turning 5.

I just want to add that Betty is really very wary of animals but she was taken in by the whole thing and loved every second of stroking the unicorns, cuddling them (!) and even riding one which blew me away. She really didn’t want to but the staff clearly had experience of that and somehow persuaded her to hop on. It was such a proud moment for her and me to see her up there.

The event was managed in a very professional, kind, friendly and experienced way and I would really recommend that you check it out!

Here is a link to their website My Little Unicorn

Sarah x

*This post is not in collaboration with the company. We purchased our own tickets and reviews are honest and my own.

Aldi Baby & Toddler evento

This month sees the return of another baby event at Aldi and if you’ve popped by to the blog before you’ll probably know how excited I am. I love a baby event! Lots of handy bits we may need daily, bits I hadn’t thought of getting but must have and our usual bits in multipack deals. What’s not to love!

We were kindly asked again by Aldi if we would like to sample a few of the products that will be on sale. I jumped at the chance and as per usual, it didn’t disappoint.

Below is a selection of bits that are available online from today and in store on Thursday 25th April.

Bibs & Shoes

Well, these shoes are so sweet! We put them on Thomas but he just isn’t ready to wear shoes yet. They do feel like great quality and I’m sure would be perfect for waddling about this spring.


• Elastic laces for easy slip-on

• Removable insole

• Breathable textile upper

• Supporting rubber print on the heel and toe cap

• £5.99

Who says boys can’t like unicorns too? I’ll definitely be popping these bibs on Thomas, unless Betty nabs them to mop but the dribbles from her dolly… £2.99

Essential items

Nappies, wipes, shampoo… we need them most days don’t we.

Aldi will answer all your needs with multipacks of travel sizes wipes, a large size selection of nappies and sweet smelling shampoo to wash away those hot sunny days outside!

Absolute bargains and I love those travels wipes so much that I’ll be stocking up some more. They are so handy to grab on the go, leave in your car, leave in the bottom of the buggy etc.

Storage & cutlery

I’m a sucker for a tupperware box, especially pretty ones and I’m always needing more because I either lose the box or the lid… we all have the tupperwear cupboard of doom,right?!

Restock the cupboard with these sweet boxes, available in several designs. They come in a 3 pack but Betty ran away with one for her snacks before I had a chance to stop her! £3.99.

Thomas is a tad small for the cutlery set but Betty has informed me she can use them to get them ready for Thomas!

They are available in 3 colour ways at £2.49 each.

Bath toys

This sweet watering can is meant for the bath but who says it can’t be used to water Grandpa’s flowers too?

Does the job, the baby has fun and it’s only £3.99!


Lovely organic cotton vest and sleepsuits available in 3 designs.

Thomas has been in just these vests most days lately as it’s been so warm and they are all he wears to bed. So handy and only £3.99 per pack.

I hope you’ve liked seeing some of the products available this month. They are all online now and will be in store this coming Thursday.

If you’d like to see what else is available be sure to have a look at my Instagram stories on Thursday as I’ll be in store checking out the other products on offer!

Sarah x

Aldi Baby & Toddler Event

Well, 2019 is here and so is the first Aldi toddler and baby event for the year and I’m so excited (as per) to see the goodies!

Aldi kindly sent me some pieces to have a sneak peek and it’s all brilliant stuff.

The usual bits are on offer like nappies, bath wash, wipes and food (so happy I can try their food out on Thomas now) but they’ve also included other products which are doing to prove really useful to us and hopefully you too.

First up they sent us a V- shaped pillow for feeding or as an aid to a little baby who can’t quite sit up yet (hint hint)! It couldn’t have come at a better time to be honest. Thomas is desperate to be sitting but can’t quite do it yet so this pillow wedged against the sofa has been so useful and it provides a soft landing should he topple to the side. It’s really soft and comes with a detachable cover so perfect if you need to clean it.

Super snuggly for nap times too! £9.99

Next up are some super sweet bath toys including three little characters and a bath book. Thomas has just started to splash about in the bath so seeing these fly around was very amusing to him and Betty has taken ownership of the bath book and has a great time making up games with it and sometimes reading to Thomas. If Thomas is lucky he gets to look at it when his Betty isn’t around and he seems to lovely the squishy texture of it.

Bath toys £3.99

Another useful item that came just in time were a set of sleepsuits. They are so lovely and feature a sweet animal design which is very subtle. I’ll be looking out for more of these in store and to see if they have any other designs.

Pack of 3 sleepsuits £5.99

After an iffy start with food, Thomas now can’t get enough, he loves his grub! Our local store doesn’t have a huge selection of savoury pouches so I was really pleased to see some flavours I’d not seen before for Thomas to try and let me tell you, he loves them! I mix a fruit pouch in with his porridge in the morning which he inhales and then he absolutely loves a savoury pouch at lunch, I’m not sure he’s even got a favourite, he just gobbles them all!

Pouches 49p

He ate the lot!

Also included was a fabulous weaning book by Ananbel Karmel which I’m loving already, you’d think I would know what I’m doing second time around but I’m lost when it comes to weaning and what/how to feed Thomas so this is going to help me so much.

Weaning book £4.99

The last thing you need to know about is the Nuby teething mit. Thomas has had so much fun with this. He’s not a fan of having it over his hand but he loves to hold it and scrunch it, chew it, suck it. It’s a perfect toy for a little baby that loves to chew!

Nuby teething mit £4.99

I hope you’ve enjoyed the little run through of some of the bits coming to store this week.

I picked up a magazine yesterday at my local Aldi to see what else was coming and I’m excited to see the sleepbags, the baby carrier, more food and the changing bag too.

No doubt I’ll be on Instagram to show you what I pick up in store so do pop over there if you’d like to see more and some of the items above close up!

It’s all online now which you can see here and will be in stores on Thursday 10th January, happy shopping!

Sarah x

Moba Moses basket

When fell pregnant with Thomas I made the usual list of bits and pieces that we needed to buy and if I’m honest, a moses basket wasn’t on the list. We hardly used the one we had for Betty and before we knew it she had grown out of it anyway.

However once we’d set everything up in the house I was actually so grateful that Moba had offered to send one to us to try out as I wasn’t too sure where I would put Thomas when I was in the shower. Cue the bathroom set up with our gorgeous Moba basket.

It was the perfect place to pop him as I grabbed 5 minutes to myself (well, ish. Hardly on my own with him 4 steps away but you get what I mean!)

The basket comes with a super soft cosy mattress, even I wanted to curl up on it, and detachable lining. It’s made from plastic and is so easy to clean, just a quick wipe down and it’s sorted.

It features small air holes all over to aid the breathability of it and is so light to carry, it’s easy to move it from one room to another.

The basket does come with its own stand which I would highly recommend to get as it’s the perfect fit for it and if you use a standard stand like we did there is room for movement which means it’s not 100% steady.

We used the Moba every single day and Thomas was so happy in it. Now he’s a bit older he prefers to sit up but I know that he would fit in it up to 6 months old so you would get so much use out of it, and as it’s so lovely to look at it would make for some super stylish storage in the nursery once the baby has grown out of it!

Below are some photos of the basket and I think you can agree it’s beautiful (the baby isn’t too bad either 😉)

Do let me know if you decide to buy one, I’d love to know which colour you go for,they are all dreamy!

Sarah x

If you would like more information about the Moba Moses basket and to see the whole range you can do so here .

Handy detachable lining!

Soft, breathable lining

Holes all around to promote air flow

Personal basket stand. Please click link above to shop their recommended stands

The reality of Mat leave

That is how I would describe the baby days.
They go on and on.
Yes, they are filled with gorgeous baby cuddles, that sweet baby smell and little baby coos but they are also filled with the same routine day in day out.

I spend my days sat on the sofa watching ALL the TV. And do you know what? That’s ok.
I think there’s an idea that the early baby days will be full of naps, coffee shops, garden walks and baby classes but to me, that’s so far from reality.

I don’t have the time to be wandering around gardens with my take away coffee in hand.
The reality is that I need to be at home to feed my baby, let him have a roll on the play mat and then get a good nap in.
Venturing away from this routine doesn’t work for us. Actually, it might work for Thomas but for my mental state I need to be at home doing these things and squeezing the odd house job in.

I’m not saying it’s enjoyable. It’s quite boring most of the time and the days just pass by without much going on.
I’ll nip out to Aldi or Sainsburys and my only bit of adult interaction is if a mum talks to me on the school run.
When I had Betty I found it hard to come to terms with this routine at first and felt quite low.
This time around I’m more ok with it all. I recognise when I’m starting to feel a bit miffed with it all and so I’ll spend a day sorting all the bits out to help me have an escape day that week.
I don’t mean an escape from the children, I mean an escape from the reality of the baby days. I’ll get that take away coffee and I’ll go for a walk around some beautiful gardens and wear my nice clothes. It’s the perfect way to break up the day to day routine and it feels like I’m pressing the re-set button.

I’ve probably rambled on and made no sense at all but I just wanted to say that if you’re sat at home with your baby watching This Morning, drinking average coffee and wishing you were enjoying the baby days like whats-her-name on Instagram then you’re not alone and I bet she’s on her escape day!
You’re not the only one sitting around, tending to your baby for the whole day and still forgetting to sterilise bottles.

Hopefully someone feels a little better for reading this and a little less lonely. Especially those first time mums. Some of them absolutely smash it but some struggle more than they thought they would and beat themselves up about it… reach out to them and tell them it’s ok to spend the day at home and eat dairylea dunkers for lunch (I still do that second time round and they are just as rank!)

Let me know if you plan an escape day, I’d love to hear what you’d choose to do!

Sarah x

What instagram makes you believe the baby days should look like

And the reality. Coffee cups, nappies, bright colours etc

Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in- 1 carrier

So you find out you’re pregnant, amazing! Then you find out all the stuff you have to buy for the baby, not so amazing. You’ll probably put a list together of all the bits you’d like to get and then you talk to your neighbour and they’ll suggest something else to add, then your Gran will do the same, oh and then there’s that lady in the coffee shop that mentioned the ‘you won’t pass motherhood without this’ item and the list is pages long and it’s all a bit overwhelming.

I found it was helpful to do a bit of private research into the items people suggested and make up my own mind if I needed those bits or not. Everyone is different, one baby may love the £100 playmat but the baby next to it may not.

Hopefully I can provide a little insight for you when it comes to baby carriers, an item that I absolutely adore and rave about but one that my best friend just can’t really get on board with (see point above).

I absolutely loved carrying Betty when she was a baby but didn’t do it anywhere near enough so I knew this time round I would try my hardest to wear the baby as much as possible.

Thomas says it’s good to chew too!

Since having Betty the sling style carriers have become quite fashionable and everybody seems to love them but I’m not so keen, they just don’t appeal to me. I like the traditional baby carrier style with thick shoulder straps, clips to keep everything in place and a baby sized seat if you like for the baby.

With Betty I’d used a well known brand of carrier and got on quite well with it but when Infantino offered to send one of their models my way I of course said yes. A new style of carrier to try, how exciting!

The ‘Flip Advanced 4-in-1 convertible‘ carrier arrived and I was in heaven. It’s a gorgeous dark grey with a green bib at the front and the first thing that crossed my mind was how light it was, especially compared to my old one.

• suitable from birth (8-32lbs) (3.5-14.5 kgs)

• the baby can be worn 4 ways including on your back

• adjustable head support

• extra padded straps for long term comfort (I can confirm they really are comfy!)

• natural, ergonomic seat for optimal hip positioning

• adjustable seat, leg openings, straps and waist belt for a customised fit

• supportive belt allows the baby’s weight to be transferred to wearer’s hips for a more comfortable fit

I’ve been using it with Thomas since he was roughly 8 weeks old and he really seems to enjoy it. It is so comfortable to wear and he feels comfortable in it, sounds a bit odd, but he fits perfectly into the seat and it seems to mould around his body.

I’m looking forward to having him facing out to see the world and I really can’t wait to try wearing him on my back, something I never tried with Betty.

It’s a brilliant carrier to go for if you’re looking for something neutral, comfortable, lightweight and easy to throw in the car or chuck on quickly in the rain. If you’d like to read what Infantino have to say about it or to see more of their product range you can do so here .

Sarah x

Mamia range at Aldi

For the past year or so Aldi has been my go to supermarket for the weekly shop. It has a huge selection of products and saves us so much money each week.

I had heard for years that their ‘Mamia’ range was really good and was rivalling top brands in the market but when Aldi turned up in our village Betty was too young to try out their products. She liked the rice cakes but that’s about all I could test out on her!

When I found out I was expecting Thomas I was excited to be able to shop the baby range. Aldi contacted me last month to ask if I would like to shop and try out their Mamia products and of course I jumped at the chance.

I headed into store and filled my trolley with all sorts of goodies for Thomas and actually found a few snacky bits for Betty.

Nappy time

I’d heard wonderful things about their nappy range so was looking forward to giving them a go.

Here’s what I went for…

  • Size 3 ultra dry nappies. Pack of 56 for £2.89. We’ve been using these for weeks now and they are brilliant. Really absorbent and really thin too. They are now part of my weekly shop and I recommend them to everyone. They are also great if you need to dry a slide at the park after it’s rained!
  • Size 4 easy pants. Pack of 22 for £2.04. I wanted to try these as Thomas is between sizes but I didn’t look closely enough and only realised they were pull up style at 2am -not ideal with a wriggly newborn even if said newborn found it amusing! I found they didn’t hold as much but they didn’t leak at all even though they were a bit big. I was impressed with that but probably won’t be buying them again until he’s a bit bigger.
  • Fragranced nappy sacks. 150 sacks for 85p. I’d not seen these in Aldi before so was really pleased when I came across them. They don’t break,hold more than one nappy and smell so good!
  • Sensitive baby wipes. Multi pack of 4 for £1.95. We’ve used these for ages, I even bought them before I had Thomas. Really moist, good thickness and really easy to grab out of the packet
  • Extra sensitive wipes. Pack of 60 for 65p. These are Aldi’s water wipes which we’ve only just started using as they are new to the Mamia range and to be honest I can’t see much difference between these and the usual sensitive wipes. They also don’t separate all too well when taking them out of the packet so it’s a two hand job or a big vigorous shake to get just one wipe
  • Bed time bath bubbles, 500ml for 65p. I love this stuff. It makes the children smell delicious and is always part of our bedtime routine. It’s been brilliant for Betty who has slightly sensitive skin and perfect for newborn baby skin too.

Snack time

Recently Betty has taken a shine to some of the food available within the Mamia range so with Thomas being too little for food I stocked up on bits for Betty. She’s an absolute snack monster so little packets of food are ideal for her, especially on the afternoon school run! 

Here’s what I went for…

  • Organic apple biscotti biscuits a packet of 8 for 34p. These biscuits are obviously meant for babies so are pretty bland and didn’t catch Betty’s attention but my mum pointed out they’d be a good substitute for a rich tea biscuits to dunk in your tea! 
  • Organic mini rice cakes, either raspberry or apple flavour, 52p and just as good as the other brand available elsewhere. Betty loves them so much and they are always part of the weekly shop.
  • Organic oaty bars, pack of 6 for £1.29. These bars are new to the Maria range and I definitely let out a little squeal when I saw these as I have to go to another supermarket to get the oat bars that look very similar. They taste exactly the same and come in two flavours. They are slightly smaller than the other brand but that’s not putting Betty off so they’ll be added to the weekly shop for sure.
  • Organic tomato wheels, 43p. Corn baked snack. Stain so bad but taste pretty good, another new favourite for Betty which she’s only allowed to eat when wearing dark colours! 

I had lots of fun trying out lots of the Mamia range and I can’t wait until Thomas can try out their food in a few months. Considering the store is quite small they had a large range of products and really cater for all ages from newborn to 4 years. If you find yourself near an Aldi it would be well worth your time to nip in and grab a few bits. I can see why they’ve won 46 awards already this year and with a weeks worth of nappy changes costing under £5 what’s not to love!!

A little girls dream…

Once upon a time a little girl asked her mummy for a baby. She spent the best part of a year asking when her mummy was going to grow a baby in her tummy, she would spend lots of time lifting up her top to see if there was a baby in there hiding but sadly there never was.

The little girls mummy desperately wanted her daughter’s dream to come true but it wasn’t as easy as she thought it might be.

However one day the little girls mummy felt a ‘pop’ in her tummy and she just knew the magical journey of making her daughter’s dream come true was about to happen.

The little baby grew lots and the little girl was very excited to find out she would be a big sister. She loved to watch her mummy’s tummy grow bigger and bigger, sometimes she thought the tummy would pop but it never did. It just wriggled a lot and the little girl thought that was wonderful. The baby especially liked stories at bedtime.

There were lots of sleeps until the baby arrived but the little girl liked to count them down nonetheless. She counted through winter and she counted through spring until she got to summer. She knew the baby would be arriving in summer and everyday she would ask her mummy if the baby was coming. One day her mummy said yes and she drove to the hospital with Daddy whilst the little girl stayed with Nana and Grandad.

The baby would take a while to come out so the little girl went to pre school and almost straight after she arrived at the hospital to see the baby.

At approximately 4pm on 27th June the little girl realised that her dream had come true. She hopped on the hospital bed and held the baby she had wanted her mummy to grow for so long.

From that day the little girl, Betty, and the little boy, Thomas, have been the best of friends and we hope they always will be!

Birth round two!

Seeing as I jotted Betty’s birth story down I thought it was only fair to write down the experience of giving birth to her baby brother!

If you have been following me since I fell pregnant (and my blogs for Kicks Count) you may know that I had the choice of having a VBAC or another c-section and after much deliberation and a few scans it was decided I would try for a VBAC should he come early but if not to go for s c-section at 39 weeks (my request- they would have let me go to 40 but I just didn’t want to!)

So 39 weeks came along and there was no sign of him. So there I was heading for a c-section and this is how it went…

5.30 am – I woke up and hopped in the shower, got dressed and did my hair and make up. I know that probably sounds ridiculous but thats what makes me feel ‘me’ and also, I looked a right state after having Betty and I didn’t really want that again!

6 am – I sat on the bed and had a cry. It was all becoming very real and I was so incredibly nervous as I knew what was coming. I also had to take the rest of my pre operation medication and a hydration drink called Pre Load that doesn’t taste of much but should be advised to drink with ice cold water I think!

7 am – my husband’s parents arrived, I faffed around with Betty (probably far too much, I was SO nervous by this point)

7.20 am – it was time to leave and say goodbye to Betty. That was harder than I thought it would be, she cried and I had to stay strong when all I wanted to do was sob my eyes out and wrap her in my arms.

8 am – we arrived at the hospital, checked in with reception, got given and room and then we had to wait.

9 am – still waiting… Jon got taken to change into his scrubs for theatre which gave us a little hope that it might be soon..

11 am – still waiting. I placed my order for lunch and dinner which I was really looking forward to as I hadn’t eaten since the evening before… hangry!! Lots of medical people had been in to talk to me, fill in paperwork etc.

12pm – still waiting. Now a little worried that I won’t get lunch…

Last ever bump shot!

12.20 pm – time to go down to theatre!! I was given a gown to change into and then the walk to theatre began and my adrenaline ramped up a gear! Also still wondering about lunch, hope they leave it for me…

12.30 pm – I was in theatre. The room felt absolutely massive compared to the room I had Betty in. There’s was so much space around the operating table which was in the middle of the room pretty much, it felt pretty surreal and not like the operating rooms you see on the TV!

The anaesthetist finally begins and that’s when the tears really start to flow. For some reason Jon wasn’t allowed with me for this part (unlike Betty’s birth where he was practically nose to nose with me and holding me in place). All I wanted was Jon, I knew he was there but I couldn’t even see him. The first dose of anaesthetic didn’t work and in fact the lady had to administer 15ml instead of the usual 5ml before I couldn’t feel the spinal going in. I didn’t have a panic attack quite like I did during that bit with Betty’s birth but my word did I cry. I tried so hard to keep it in, my head was down the whole time and I was deep breathing but those tears came thick and fast! So thick and fast that they eventually let Jon sit close enough to me so that he could stroke my toes ( holding his hand was what I needed but a toe stroke and the sight of his face was just about enough)

After that I was laid down, they test to see what I can feel with the cold spray and then it’s time to start!

12.55pm – I’m guessing this time but I assume that’s about the time they start the operation.

Jon is banished back to his chair which really bugged me, we could just about touch finger tips. I was so disappointed by that, I wanted him right there with me, not the crazy but lovely anaesthetist who kept stroking my hair and forehead (stop lady, you’re gonna give me spots and greasy hair!)

There was a lot of tugging around this time. It felt so so intense compared to when I had Betty and I remember constantly going ‘errr, eeewwww, ohhh’ at every tug and movement. It didn’t hurt but it wasn’t exactly pleasant, it’s such a hard feeling to describe.

1.07pm – Thomas James Hutton makes his entrance into the world. They drop the curtain so I can see him being born which was magical and incredibly gross at the same time. Jon was practically forced to take a photo of this which we find so funny now as neither of us wanted it caught on camera (just as well as it’s super blurry from Jon’s panic at being told to take a photo!)

He was silent as he came out and got taken to get cleaned up. I waited to hear his cry and then those tears come flying back! Oh that beautiful cry. He was brought straight to me for skin to skin and he instantly settled. Should have known from then that he’d be a mummy’s boy.

He was born to ‘The Boys of Summer’ by Don Henley… not our choice, just what was playing on the radio at the time. He was seconds away from being born to a current ‘pop’ song that no one would remember in years to come so I’m quite glad it was that song.

So that is the story for Thomas’s birth. Planned but still exciting, nerve wracking and beyond magical.

We are so, so in love with Thomas and for me it was the perfect birth and the perfect way to end my pregnancy.

Sarah x

P.S they put my lunch on the side in my room…phew!!