And Then She Turned Three

Betty my darling girl, you are now three years old.Instead of feeling a bit sad like your first two birthdays I was so happy and excited for you to turn 3.

You understood what your birthday was and you couldn’t wait for it to arrive. For the two weeks running up to your birthday you would run to my bedside each morning shouting that it was your birthday or asking in a sweet angelic way in the hope that a calm precious approach would all of a sudden make it your special day. Each morning was a huge disappointment to you which I must admit got a bit tiring by day four.

The day finally came though and as a treat, and in the hope that it’d make you sleep in longer, I let you sleep in my bed the night before. As you woke (super early!) you snuggled into me and said “mama is it my birthday?” I was finally able to say yes and it was probably the happiest I’ve seen you in three years. Your very first response was “can I have breakfast in bed Mama?” Which judging by your face seemed like a very special treat indeed. I granted you your wish and then you exclaimed ” I’m older!” 

You are older sweet girl and my don’t we know it. I was sad for your last two birthdays because I didn’t want you to get bigger, it all seemed to be happening so fast. As much as I wish you’d stay small for a tad longer I am just loving you at 3 years old.

We hold proper conversations, you are so articulate. Your imagination is off the scale and I adore to watch and listen to you play games you have made up.

Babies are a new favourite and you are so very caring towards your baby Annabell. Watching you with her shows me how incredible you would be if you were to ever be a big sister. You have formed some beautiful friendships and now play wonderfully with children your own age.

Some things don’t change as you are still as feisty, strong willed, determined and as  sassy as ever. I don’t want that to change, those qualities will take you places if you use them correctly. 

I’m so excited for the next year with you and to watch you grow even more.


Mama x


A Cornish Village

Oh Crantock. Where do I begin? A chocolate box village full of beautiful flowers, sweet cottages, gift shops, tea rooms and a glorious beach.

holiday3 024img_1201

We stumbled across Crantock last year and we both fell in love with the place. So much so that we booked to stay there whilst still on holiday for a few months later and constantly consider moving there, I’m just not brave enough!
The heart of the village is small and wraps around in a circle and is a perfect holiday location. It has a small local shop, two tea rooms, a couple of gift shops, two pubs and a beautiful church.

It has a very slow,calm feel about it. It’s easy to wander around the village using the main road as a path, watch out for the buses that suddenly appear and interrupt your day dream of country living though! You’ll regularly see horses walking through the village which I just loved watching as did Betty, don’t worry, they are being ridden and haven’t escaped!

The beach is at the very bottom of the village and is so beautiful. It’s covered in deep soft golden sand and is surrounded by cliff top houses and sand dunes. Stay tuned for another post about the beach!

img_1198holiday3 047img_1195img_1197img_1199

I hope these photos do the village justice, I didn’t wander up too many of the lanes so I’m sure there must be more to explore, I’ll just have to go back and find out!



Making friends #1

Meeting someone for the first time that you talk to on an almost everyday basis is a funny experience. You feel like you’ve known each other for ages but you almost struggle for things to say as you’re sure you already know the answers to all the main questions you’d ask when you first meet someone. Having met a few people from good old Instagram it appears I’m not the only one to think like that!

Recently we met up with Natalie, Romeca and Chelsea plus their littles too. These ladies truly rock, I love them and their offspring. We meet up almost weekly now, the children run riot, we natter whilst scoffing cake and downing coffee and then we go home throughly exhausted and happy. 

 I consider the three of them friends and Betty is loving having a regular group of chums to play with.

Our children range in ages but it seems to work, the bigger ones run off, the smaller ones stop to admire the world (3 years old aren’t fussed by the small things now 😏) and the babies sit and coo away and make me want a million of them.

I would definitely recommend giving it a shot if you’ve been thinking about it. There’s always the risk that you won’t get on but I think that’s pretty slim if you’re already chatting.
Have you met anyone that you follow on social media? 
Sarah x

See more about Chelsea here , more about Romeca here and more about Natalie here xxx

A walk in Autumn 

The blog has been lacking in Harrison and Betty dates for a little while. Life just gets in the way sometimes doesn’t it?! We managed to catch a morning where we were all free so we headed for a walk in the beautiful autumn sunshine. We decided to go to Virginia Water Lake. It was a day when the temperature decided to drop. Big style. But it was ok, we got ourselves a hot beverage and began our walk.

The sun was blazing, the skies were blue and the trees were looking spectacular.

We walked past a small wooded area and I just had to grab some snaps of H and B amongst the glorious leaves and sunlight.

I decided to try and get all of us in a shot but as per usual I’d left my tripod at home so it’s a funny photo, a bit on the wonk, but hey, getting that photo was another memory made. It took forever!

I don’t want to jinx it but we seem to strike lucky with the weather for our walks. I wonder where we’ll end up next time…
Thanks for reading,

Sarah x

Pumpkin Patch

I can’t quite believe it but pumpkin season is upon us and it seems everyone is going crazy for it. Every other photo on my Instagram feed seems to include a pumpkin somewhere, that’s ok though, they make for a pretty picture. I absolutely love taking photos with natural props. The selection of photos for this post are up there with my most favourite photos I have taken (I also adore the lavender photos…natural props rock!)


We visited Garsons farm on a gloriously sunny day and we were joined by Harrison and Nicky. Nicky and I had some dreamy shots in mind and the children were so patient with us. One day they will have enough and tell us to pack it in but whilst they happily take bribes and entertain each other we’ll keep snapping away!



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We were lucky enough to have the pumpkin patch to ourselves and with the sun beaming down I got snap happy whilst the children played and watched the planes going over head. There was such an array of sizes and colours and Nicky and I found it fascinating how they could grow so big from something so small…we’re a bit simple like that!



Right next to the pumpkin patch were five rows of sunflowers which made our day. Pumpkins AND sunflowers, think of the photos! The children read our minds and were having none of it. We got them to hold them, just about, but then it was time to head to the cafe as the rice cake bribe was wearing pretty thin.

We had such a lovely morning,we’ll be back next year for sure!

Have you visited a pumpkin patch this year? I’d love to see your photos.

Thanks for stopping by,

Sarah x

Windsor Great Park

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As the weather is being super kind to us I have been trying to get out for some adventures as much as possible. Last weeks main adventure was a trip to Great Windsor Park with Nicky and Harrison. You will be seeing them (mainly Harrison) pop up quite a bit on this blog as Nicky loves a free photo shoot and exploring Surrey and I adore taking Harrison’s picture and I quite like Nicky too!

Armed with a packed lunch, camera, buggies and the babes we set off for our weekly stroll. There are many entrances to the park and luckily I know of one that isn’t that well known and has plenty of parking. This section of the park is pretty quiet so we didn’t come across that many people. Just a few deer roaming about which put us on edge. I was convinced they were going to charge at us. I swear becoming a mother has made me really irrational with things like that.


Anyway, the sun was shining as we set off and made everything look really pretty and autumnal but as we kept walking the sun went behind the clouds and it started to drizzle. Not ideal. We referred to the silly iPhone weather app and it assured us it wasn’t meant to rain so we carried on until we could see Windsor Castle. There was no way we would make it to the castle and then back again so we gazed at it from afar and then turned back to find a bench in the sun for lunch.


It was lovely. The children nibbled and we kept an eye out for the deer as we could hear they weren’t far away. After lunch we found a den and had a little explore until the children had had enough and we headed back to the pub next to our cars. We ended our walk with a hot chocolate and coffee in the sun whilst Betty napped in the buggy and Harrison caused mischief with a fruit pouch.

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The ‘Time to go’ face

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Fingers crossed the sun is shining for our next adventure!

Thanks for reading,

Sarah x


Fields of Lavender


When the sun started to shine back in June I began to think about summer day trips and first on my list was visiting the lavender fields not too far from me. I first attempted to go to them in July with my dad but we ended up at a really run down garden centre with a few sprigs of lavender in pots. Not what I had in mind! So I researched some more and in August I visited the purple field of dreams with my friend Nicky and her little boy Harrison.


We arrived to rows and rows of purple loveliness. I thought the smell would be really strong and leave you smelling like your granny for days but that wasn’t the case. I couldn’t really smell it at all to be honest which was a bit of a shame but lets be honest, I wasn’t there for the smell, I was there to get snap happy and that is exactly what I did. Armed with two lenses, Nicky as my assistant, a baby and a toddler we were ready to create some magic and I was pretty pleased with how the photos turned out.

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Both children were so well behaved and were the perfect models for us crazy mummies. We did quite well to get a row with no people in although occasionally someone crept into the background which drove me potty. Couldn’t they see we were mummies on a mission with children who could erupt with a meltdown any second?!


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Planning their escape route!

Considering it was a pretty dull day we managed to get some lovely shots as soon as we arrived and after a bit of cake and 7Up (diet of mums) we nipped back to try and grab a few more until the babies had had enough and the rain came!


We had such a lovely morning snapping away amongst beautiful lavender and I know we’ll be back next year for round two of photos although something tells me we’ll need more bribes…

Thanks for reading,


Sarah x