And Then She Turned Three

Betty my darling girl, you are now three years old.Instead of feeling a bit sad like your first two birthdays I was so happy and excited for you to turn 3.

You understood what your birthday was and you couldn’t wait for it to arrive. For the two weeks running up to your birthday you would run to my bedside each morning shouting that it was your birthday or asking in a sweet angelic way in the hope that a calm precious approach would all of a sudden make it your special day. Each morning was a huge disappointment to you which I must admit got a bit tiring by day four.

The day finally came though and as a treat, and in the hope that it’d make you sleep in longer, I let you sleep in my bed the night before. As you woke (super early!) you snuggled into me and said “mama is it my birthday?” I was finally able to say yes and it was probably the happiest I’ve seen you in three years. Your very first response was “can I have breakfast in bed Mama?” Which judging by your face seemed like a very special treat indeed. I granted you your wish and then you exclaimed ” I’m older!” 

You are older sweet girl and my don’t we know it. I was sad for your last two birthdays because I didn’t want you to get bigger, it all seemed to be happening so fast. As much as I wish you’d stay small for a tad longer I am just loving you at 3 years old.

We hold proper conversations, you are so articulate. Your imagination is off the scale and I adore to watch and listen to you play games you have made up.

Babies are a new favourite and you are so very caring towards your baby Annabell. Watching you with her shows me how incredible you would be if you were to ever be a big sister. You have formed some beautiful friendships and now play wonderfully with children your own age.

Some things don’t change as you are still as feisty, strong willed, determined and as  sassy as ever. I don’t want that to change, those qualities will take you places if you use them correctly. 

I’m so excited for the next year with you and to watch you grow even more.


Mama x


Painshill Park

Painshill Park is a beautiful landscape garden in Surrey. It’s a hidden gem and I can’t believe I hadn’t been before now as it’s only a short car journey away from us. We were inspired to go by Katy from and we owe her a big thank you!

Last week felt like a real start to spring with warm sunny days almost everyday so I took the opportunity to enjoy some Betty days and decided to visit Painshill on one of those days, the sunniest of the lot I think. I had a tired tot on my hands so it took us a while to get going and past the café (that girl LOVES a café) but eventually we were amongst the sea of daffodils and hunting for fairies whilst snacking on picnic goods.

There are a few routes to take around the park but we were advised to follow the historic track. It led us through a wooded area, up a hill and across to a stunning gothic temple. Betty decided this would be the perfect picnic spot and I fully agreed. We settled down to lunch looking over the river with the sun shining. It was just perfect.

img_9149img_9311painshill 331


After lunch we wandered through some more woodland and out to the river which was utterly breath taking. I feel like such an old lady when I say that but it’s true. The water was so calm, the birds were tweeting and there must have been only three other people about. Betty fancied a sit in the buggy so I was able to take my time and breathe in the calm and peacefulness.

The track takes you round in a large circle so we were soon back to our starting point and Betty’s haven, the café.

painshill 369painshill 384img_9308img_9312


Until next time…

I haven’t stopped thinking about it since a so as soon as it’s sunny again we’ll be back there for sure!

Let me know if you pay a visit and try a different route round.

Sarah x


West Wittering 

Visiting the beach brings a huge sense of calm and happiness to me and I think Betty would agree that is has the same affect on her too.We’re lucky enough to have access to a beach whenever we visit Betty’s Nana and Grandad, and not just any beach. West Wittering beach.

A couple of weeks ago we had the perfect Saturday which started off with a coffee and wander around Chichester Cathedral and then we made our way to West Wittering.
We paid a small fortune for a portion of chips (£3.50!!) and found a spot to enjoy our little lunch and take in our surroundings.

Betty very much enjoyed the chips but she was soon charging towards to sea dragging Daddy along with her! They spent ages building sand castles and we had lots of fun splashing in the small pools of water.

It really was a perfect day. The beach was quiet, the weather was windy but warm, the lighting was delightful and Betty was a dream!

Do pop back for the next instalment of Betty at the beach.
Thanks for reading,

Sarah x

Me & Mine: Remembering October

Well it’s the end of the month and I thought what better way to end it than join in with the Me and Mine project. I had taken some family shots when we were at the beach a few weeks ago which I thought I would use for this month but then yesterday we went for our usual Sunday walk and took a few impromptu snaps on my phone.

Now I know they aren’t the best quality and probably don’t sit well with the other beautiful photos that I usually see filling my Instagram feed but I thought what the hell! We had such a lovely Sunday and I wanted to capture the vibe of the day right there and then. We didn’t take the tripod (always forget) so the next best thing was selfie mode on my phone.

They are pure cheese tastic and none of us are looking our best but we were having fun and enjoying quality time with each other. Proper family time making memories that’ll last forever. Like I said, cheese!!

Thanks for stopping by,

Sarah x

The Me and Mine Project

Dear Betty

My darling Betty, you are now 2 and a half years old and my how you’ve grown.I thought you were grown up when I wrote your 18 month update but now you really do seem like a big girl.
Over the past year your character has really come out which is so wonderful to see. To others you might come across as a bit naughty but we know that what others might see as naughty is just your loud, feisty, adventurous side.

I love that you have so much confidence and that you know exactly what you want, I hope you hold onto that confidence and use it wisely as you get older.You are so determined and you shoot anybody down who tries to help you.

As well as your feisty side you also have a sweet vulnerable side which you show us only occasionally. You love your family and you tell them so. You need Mummy and Daddy in new situations or crowded places but it doesn’t take you long to adjust and then you’re off trying to make friends. You are so kind and caring, please hold onto your kindness as you get older but don’t let people take advantage my darling, bring out the feistiness and tell them to back off!

You are a total chatter box which brings us joy each day (and sometimes headaches!), you are constantly learning and now talking in full sentences to us which blows our minds all the time.
Your cuddles and kisses are so precious and when you say “I love you Mama/Daddy” our hearts burst with joy.


We are so glad we get to be your parents, we love you oh so very much my baby.
Here’s to another year of adventures!

Mama x

Sunday Strolling. Ep 2

We like to use Sundays to go for a family walk. It’s not something that we have said we’ll do each week but it just seems to happen and I love that we have a little tradition starting without evening meaning to. Last week stopped in a little village called Ripley to take a walk along the canal. I drive past this spot quite often and the light is always so so beautiful, I just had to go and have an explore.

The lighting didn’t disappoint. As we walked along the path, it was even more lovely being caught up in it rather than just driving past. Half the sky was blue and half the sky was dull and overcast but the light was so bright and beautiful. We stopped to watch a boat go by, which Betty enjoyed very much. I love it when she waves and people wave back, it makes my heart feel all warm and fuzzy. We then continued walking along the path towards the open fields. The first hurdle was getting past the cows, my husband assured me it would be fine but also said he could only save one of us should they charge towards us, cheers hubby! 🙂  We got past them with no trouble but then Betty decided she didn’t fancy a walk so we had to turn back and go through the cows again!


We managed to persuade Betty to try walking again on the other side of the bridge which worked for about five minutes, she just wasn’t feeling it so we had to abandon our walk for that day.


It was still lovely to spend some time there and enjoy the light, we will definitely go back when Betty is feeling more adventurous!


Do you go out for family walks on a Sunday? If so, do you have any places that you love and go back to time and time again?
Thanks for reading,

Sarah x

Sunday Strolling. Ep 1


Another Sunday, another walk. For our walk this week we headed to a place called Chobham common as we were on the hunt for some heather and boy did we find some!
I had never been to Chobham common but my husband had heard there was lots of heather there so we thought we would have a little adventure. We walked through a big wood and down some steps until we came across a huge amount of open land with trees, grass, paths and heather. It was beautiful. It reminded of a desert for some reason, it all looked a bit dry and sandy.

We walked along the sandy paths, clambered over tree stumps and squeezed our way through the prickly branches to make it to some big clumps of heather and it was stunning. The lighting was on my side once again and I had so much fun capturing the different shades of purple amongst the dried out browns and greens surrounding it.

It was a lovely way to spend a Sunday, it was the perfect temperature and it felt so peaceful as we only passed the occasional dog walker so it felt like we were the only ones there.

Later that day I told my parents where we had been and it turns out my Grandpa would often suggest to go to Chobham common for a Sunday drive which drove everyone barmy, but I can totally see why he loved it so much and now it feels that extra bit special to me.

Next year I think we’ll try to go a couple of weeks early so we catch the heather when it’s a brighter shade of purple.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah x

Catch up

I don’t think I have blogged for well over a year. Life suddenly got really busy and I just didn’t have the time to keep up with a blog about life as a mummy,wife and nanny. Betty was just over one when I put a stop to blogging and now she is almost two and a half and a totally different person… we both are I think. We’ve changed as time has passed, as everyone does.

At the moment life has calmed down a little bit due to changing jobs and now working part time, so I thought I might start blogging again but just the memories.

As much as I like reading other blogs about life with children it’s just not what I want to write about. I have nothing different or interesting to add to that subject so I don’t see the point.

My passion and hobby for the past ten years has been photography and in the past three months I’ve really given it a shot and absolutely loved it. I wouldn’t call myself professional (one day) but perhaps keen. Very keen.

So this blog will be all about my family and friends but through photographs and a few words. I want to remember the little things as well as the big things so documenting them here will hopefully allow me to do that.

There may be the odd bit of ‘mum life’ thrown in there but hopefully not too much.

I’m excited to document our family life and memories and I hope you enjoy looking at the whole story rather than a snippet on Instagram!

Thanks for reading,
Sarah x

Miss Betty at 18 months

Wowzers Betty boo, you’re 18 months! As all parents say, I don’t know where the time has gone, holding you for the first time feels like a very long time ago and yet I remember it so clearly, like it was yesterday.

You are no longer a little bundle that I could cuddle whenever I wanted, oh how I wish I had cuddled you more, you’ve not been a huge fan of cuddles since you’ve been able to escape them!

About you

You have a huge personality that constantly wears me out and has me opened mouthed in amusement most days. You walk, run, bounce and zoom ALL day. I’m not sure where you get your energy from as Mummy and Daddy like to take it easy. You are so desperate to talk and you find it very frustrating when we don’t understand the full sentence you have babbled to us. The words you can say are… Quack, Moo, BO (Boo) Gogog (Dog), Larlee&Lala (Charlie&Lola), Daddy, Nanna, Ceecee (Chrissie), Mama, No (firm fav of yours) and the newest edition, Oh no. You are a very happy little girl and you love being the centre of attention. You love to play with older children, probably because you get your way ‘cos you’re the cute little baby! You take full advantage of that. You have started to get a bit shy when you’re around new people or people you haven’t seen for a while. When you get shy you cuddle into me, really snuggle against me. Betty, you can be shy for the rest of time as long as I get those snuggle cuddles. Heart melters.

You can snap your hands to symbolise a crocodile, you can oo-oo-a-a to symbolise a monkey and you sometimes roar for a tiger. You say ”Row row” when you’d like to hear some nursery rhymes and you continue to say that as I sing to you. Or maybe you’re saying ‘no no’ to my singing…


Your most favourite thing to do is go outside. Come rain or shine you want to be out there, it makes you so happy and can instantly calm you down if you’re upset or angry. In second place of favourite things is filling paper bags with bits and bobs and then walking around like a bag lady, collecting small items and putting them in and out of pots, holding mummy’s credit cards and moving them from one hand to the other and shuffling them. You will do those things for hours. Thank you, it means I get a coffee break.


Your routine has been the same for quite some time now which is good as that helps you to know what’s going on each day and I think you like that.

7 – 7.30 am- wake up

8 – 8.30 am- breakfast

9 – 11 am- play, out and about

11.30 – 12 pm – lunch

12pm- off to work with mummy

1 – 2.30pm- nap time

3pm- school pick up

3.30- 4.30pm- play

4.30 – 5pm- dinner

6pm- home time

6.30- bath time

7pm- bed time

Not the most exciting routine but it works nicely for us!

I’m sorry I haven’t written more updates on you. I always planned to but life got in the way and time whizzed by. I’ll try to do another one when you’re a little older and possible talking. I can’t wait for that Miss Betty!

My Birth Story


Before I forget the whole experience in minute detail I thought I would jot the memories down for all to see but mainly for Betty to read when she is older.

A few details to get you up to date on the pregnancy…

Betty was breech so we had been booked in for a caesarean and my mucus plug had gone the morning of my labour day but the midwife said it was very common and usually nothing happens for a fair while after, so here we go….


Labour Day

On and off I had been saying to Jon ”today’s the day” and he would just look and me and say ”you said that two days ago”. However, when I said it to him as we were about to go through the car wash he gave me a smile and said ”really?”. After leaving the car to get cleaned we walked from the car wash to the Sainsbury’s which is next to the car wash. This walk was hard, to a normal human it would take 30 seconds but to a human that’s turned into a whale it took 5 minutes. We got a few bits from the shop, had a cooked breakfast and then embarked on the 5 minute walk back to the car, I found it super difficult second time round and went straight back to bed as soon as we got home.

One hour later I woke up with a jolt as it appeared as though I had wet myself. When I fully came round I realised it was my waters breaking. Panic took over. ‘Stevie’ wasn’t due to arrive for another four days so I immediately rang my mum who was incredibly calm and just said to give the hospital a call just to see what they advised. My mum is a nurse, she knew that her granddaughter was on her way but didn’t let on to me. I rang the hospital and they advised to pop up to get checked over. An hour later after rushing round the house to get it tidy, getting my bag, waiting for Jon to have a shower (!) we were on the way to the hospital and in TOTAL denial. We thought we’d be sent home.HA.

We arrived at 12.00pm and after some faffing about with getting seen I was up on the bed in my gown being seen by doctors and nurses. They were talking about doing an emergency C-section but I still wasn’t convinced Betty was on her way, no one ever said to me that I would be having her that day or how soon it would happen.

Lying on the bed in the labour unit was very strange, it had happened so so fast. The ward was very quiet and there were just a few couples going in and out being monitored. Jon had gone off to get some snacks and some magazines for me, he was gone for what felt like hours and I was so worried he wouldn’t be back in time. I’m pretty sure as soon as he got back he was whisked away to get ready for theatre!

All of a sudden we were walking to theatre, I was still in disbelief.

betty 049The Birth

I was on the operating table waiting for the spinal to go in when a panic attack kicked in. I was totally overwhelmed that Betty would be out in under 30 minutes and I just broke down, poor Jon had to stand there with his hands on my shoulders trying to keep me still but also trying to calm me down really fast. Not an easy task but he was wonderful and calmed me down.

Panic attack over and spinal in I was lying down with the screen up. Anyone who thinks only natural birth makes you lose your dignity are wrong. On the other side of that screen is your half naked body,foof ‘n all, midwives having to hold your legs otherwise they fall open due to you having no control after the spinal and eventually your insides are on show. Oh, and your husband and about six other people are all there watching. Hot stuff.

Jon and I had lots of time to chat whilst the doctor and nurses were getting ready but I don’t think we really knew what to talk about as it was so surreal. Part of my birth plan was to have Heart radio station on in the background as in my head I was going to give birth in the evening and thought that having club classics on in the background would be great! HA. That fairy tail idea didn’t work out and there I was in the middle of the day giving birth, still, they put Heart on for me so Jon and I listened to the songs and chatted. Fleetwood Mac were playing as we walked into theatre which was so lovely as I had played them to Betty throughout my pregnancy.

betty 051

It was time to get Betty out and as I heard the words ”knife to skin” I tensed up as I thought it was going to majorly hurt but obviously I felt nothing. In fact all I felt throughout the whole process was a bit of motion sickness as I could feel the doctor feeling around and tugging inside my tummy. It’s really hard to describe what that feels like but it 100% did not hurt. I have no idea how long it took to get her out but before I knew it she was looking at me over the screen and I was just staring at her. She was taken to get cleaned up and weighed and that’s when I blubbed. Blubbed hard.

They stitched me up, the midwife told me I had a very flat stomach (what an angel) and then Betty was with me. My life was complete!

IMG_1505Although Betty’s arrival took us by surprise we think it probably worked out for the best. There was no time to overthink things and although it all happened within five hours it was so relaxed and calm and for me, the perfect birth.

How was your birth? Did your little one take you by surprise or did your birth go to plan?

Thanks for reading,

Sarah x