A Cornish Village

Oh Crantock. Where do I begin? A chocolate box village full of beautiful flowers, sweet cottages, gift shops, tea rooms and a glorious beach.

holiday3 024img_1201

We stumbled across Crantock last year and we both fell in love with the place. So much so that we booked to stay there whilst still on holiday for a few months later and constantly consider moving there, I’m just not brave enough!
The heart of the village is small and wraps around in a circle and is a perfect holiday location. It has a small local shop, two tea rooms, a couple of gift shops, two pubs and a beautiful church.

It has a very slow,calm feel about it. It’s easy to wander around the village using the main road as a path, watch out for the buses that suddenly appear and interrupt your day dream of country living though! You’ll regularly see horses walking through the village which I just loved watching as did Betty, don’t worry, they are being ridden and haven’t escaped!

The beach is at the very bottom of the village and is so beautiful. It’s covered in deep soft golden sand and is surrounded by cliff top houses and sand dunes. Stay tuned for another post about the beach!

img_1198holiday3 047img_1195img_1197img_1199

I hope these photos do the village justice, I didn’t wander up too many of the lanes so I’m sure there must be more to explore, I’ll just have to go back and find out!




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