Making friends #1

Meeting someone for the first time that you talk to on an almost everyday basis is a funny experience. You feel like you’ve known each other for ages but you almost struggle for things to say as you’re sure you already know the answers to all the main questions you’d ask when you first meet someone. Having met a few people from good old Instagram it appears I’m not the only one to think like that!

Recently we met up with Natalie, Romeca and Chelsea plus their littles too. These ladies truly rock, I love them and their offspring. We meet up almost weekly now, the children run riot, we natter whilst scoffing cake and downing coffee and then we go home throughly exhausted and happy. 

 I consider the three of them friends and Betty is loving having a regular group of chums to play with.

Our children range in ages but it seems to work, the bigger ones run off, the smaller ones stop to admire the world (3 years old aren’t fussed by the small things now 😏) and the babies sit and coo away and make me want a million of them.

I would definitely recommend giving it a shot if you’ve been thinking about it. There’s always the risk that you won’t get on but I think that’s pretty slim if you’re already chatting.
Have you met anyone that you follow on social media? 
Sarah x

See more about Chelsea here , more about Romeca here and more about Natalie here xxx


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