Painshill Park

Painshill Park is a beautiful landscape garden in Surrey. It’s a hidden gem and I can’t believe I hadn’t been before now as it’s only a short car journey away from us. We were inspired to go by Katy from and we owe her a big thank you!

Last week felt like a real start to spring with warm sunny days almost everyday so I took the opportunity to enjoy some Betty days and decided to visit Painshill on one of those days, the sunniest of the lot I think. I had a tired tot on my hands so it took us a while to get going and past the café (that girl LOVES a café) but eventually we were amongst the sea of daffodils and hunting for fairies whilst snacking on picnic goods.

There are a few routes to take around the park but we were advised to follow the historic track. It led us through a wooded area, up a hill and across to a stunning gothic temple. Betty decided this would be the perfect picnic spot and I fully agreed. We settled down to lunch looking over the river with the sun shining. It was just perfect.

img_9149img_9311painshill 331


After lunch we wandered through some more woodland and out to the river which was utterly breath taking. I feel like such an old lady when I say that but it’s true. The water was so calm, the birds were tweeting and there must have been only three other people about. Betty fancied a sit in the buggy so I was able to take my time and breathe in the calm and peacefulness.

The track takes you round in a large circle so we were soon back to our starting point and Betty’s haven, the café.

painshill 369painshill 384img_9308img_9312


Until next time…

I haven’t stopped thinking about it since a so as soon as it’s sunny again we’ll be back there for sure!

Let me know if you pay a visit and try a different route round.

Sarah x



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