Baking with Crayola

We’ve caught the baking bug in our house. I used to bake from scratch ALL the time but as I got older I lost my mojo and my husband wasn’t keen on all the cakes adding to his waist line! Although I know how to bake from scratch I do have a guilty pleasure for packet ready bakes, especially when baking with a toddler. I searched the baking aisle in Sainsbury’s and came across a packet by Crayola. Who knew they had branched into baking goods?!

We gathered all the extra bits we needed and got our bake on. We emptied the cake mix into a bowl and added the water, oil and golden syrup. I think we may have added a tad too much golden syrup as the mixture was so runny. We needed to add flour to the mixture to make it dry enough to cut shapes out.


Betty really enjoyed cutting the shapes out, I love that the packet included a cookie cutter and icing examples for you to follow.


A slight downside to this particular packet bake is the price and how much mixture you get. I think they are £2.99 in Sainsbury’s and the mixture only makes 6 cookies (we only managed to get 5) you also need to add slightly unusual ingredients compared to other packet bakes on the shelfs.

We iced the cookies the next day and it’s safe to say Betty thought that was the best bit. The packet includes two packets of icing and two mini icing tubes. I really wanted to follow the icing examples so I let Betty go mad with the main colours and then I nipped in to add the detail, I think they turned out ok considering Betty obviously had some input into the detail bits too.


There are pros and cons for this particular packet bake but I haven’t been put off so will definitely be looking for more by Crayola!

Thanks for reading,

Sarah x


2 thoughts on “Baking with Crayola

  1. Alice (@newyoungmum) says:

    Like you say who knew Crayola had branched into baking?! Even though we love baking from scratch the kits are always a good one and Amelia is forever grabbing them at the shops! Looks like Bets enjoyed herself, little baker!! Gorge photos as always xx


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