West Wittering 

Visiting the beach brings a huge sense of calm and happiness to me and I think Betty would agree that is has the same affect on her too.We’re lucky enough to have access to a beach whenever we visit Betty’s Nana and Grandad, and not just any beach. West Wittering beach.

A couple of weeks ago we had the perfect Saturday which started off with a coffee and wander around Chichester Cathedral and then we made our way to West Wittering.
We paid a small fortune for a portion of chips (£3.50!!) and found a spot to enjoy our little lunch and take in our surroundings.

Betty very much enjoyed the chips but she was soon charging towards to sea dragging Daddy along with her! They spent ages building sand castles and we had lots of fun splashing in the small pools of water.

It really was a perfect day. The beach was quiet, the weather was windy but warm, the lighting was delightful and Betty was a dream!

Do pop back for the next instalment of Betty at the beach.
Thanks for reading,

Sarah x


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