Weekend Mini Style

Well here we go, after over a year away we’re back and joining in with weekend mini style!I didn’t plan to join in this week but Betty is letting me take photos of her as we leave the house so I thought why not. I love dressing her and it’ll be fun to look back on some posts in 20 years time!


Dress:Boden, Tights: TuClothing, Shoes:Clarks,Hair bobbles:DitsyDotShop





The weather turned a corner this week and became a lot colder which means all Betty’s pretty outfits are covered by winter coats and I don’t like it. Thank goodness for this blog so I can show off the dresses that I spent a fortune on!

img_4453Now the weather is cooler I needed to get some warmer bits for Betty so I dashed into town on Thursday evening and picked up some trousers and tops for Betty and the cutest ear muffs! (Stayed tuned for those!)


 Thanks for reading and do go check out the others that have joined in with the linky.

Sarah x

This Mama Life



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