Me & Mine: Remembering October

Well it’s the end of the month and I thought what better way to end it than join in with the Me and Mine project. I had taken some family shots when we were at the beach a few weeks ago which I thought I would use for this month but then yesterday we went for our usual Sunday walk and took a few impromptu snaps on my phone.

Now I know they aren’t the best quality and probably don’t sit well with the other beautiful photos that I usually see filling my Instagram feed but I thought what the hell! We had such a lovely Sunday and I wanted to capture the vibe of the day right there and then. We didn’t take the tripod (always forget) so the next best thing was selfie mode on my phone.

They are pure cheese tastic and none of us are looking our best but we were having fun and enjoying quality time with each other. Proper family time making memories that’ll last forever. Like I said, cheese!!

Thanks for stopping by,

Sarah x

The Me and Mine Project

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