Dear Betty

My darling Betty, you are now 2 and a half years old and my how you’ve grown.I thought you were grown up when I wrote your 18 month update but now you really do seem like a big girl.
Over the past year your character has really come out which is so wonderful to see. To others you might come across as a bit naughty but we know that what others might see as naughty is just your loud, feisty, adventurous side.

I love that you have so much confidence and that you know exactly what you want, I hope you hold onto that confidence and use it wisely as you get older.You are so determined and you shoot anybody down who tries to help you.

As well as your feisty side you also have a sweet vulnerable side which you show us only occasionally. You love your family and you tell them so. You need Mummy and Daddy in new situations or crowded places but it doesn’t take you long to adjust and then you’re off trying to make friends. You are so kind and caring, please hold onto your kindness as you get older but don’t let people take advantage my darling, bring out the feistiness and tell them to back off!

You are a total chatter box which brings us joy each day (and sometimes headaches!), you are constantly learning and now talking in full sentences to us which blows our minds all the time.
Your cuddles and kisses are so precious and when you say “I love you Mama/Daddy” our hearts burst with joy.


We are so glad we get to be your parents, we love you oh so very much my baby.
Here’s to another year of adventures!

Mama x


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