Sunday Strolling. Ep 2

We like to use Sundays to go for a family walk. It’s not something that we have said we’ll do each week but it just seems to happen and I love that we have a little tradition starting without evening meaning to. Last week stopped in a little village called Ripley to take a walk along the canal. I drive past this spot quite often and the light is always so so beautiful, I just had to go and have an explore.

The lighting didn’t disappoint. As we walked along the path, it was even more lovely being caught up in it rather than just driving past. Half the sky was blue and half the sky was dull and overcast but the light was so bright and beautiful. We stopped to watch a boat go by, which Betty enjoyed very much. I love it when she waves and people wave back, it makes my heart feel all warm and fuzzy. We then continued walking along the path towards the open fields. The first hurdle was getting past the cows, my husband assured me it would be fine but also said he could only save one of us should they charge towards us, cheers hubby! 🙂  We got past them with no trouble but then Betty decided she didn’t fancy a walk so we had to turn back and go through the cows again!


We managed to persuade Betty to try walking again on the other side of the bridge which worked for about five minutes, she just wasn’t feeling it so we had to abandon our walk for that day.


It was still lovely to spend some time there and enjoy the light, we will definitely go back when Betty is feeling more adventurous!


Do you go out for family walks on a Sunday? If so, do you have any places that you love and go back to time and time again?
Thanks for reading,

Sarah x


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