Sunday Strolling. Ep 1


Another Sunday, another walk. For our walk this week we headed to a place called Chobham common as we were on the hunt for some heather and boy did we find some!
I had never been to Chobham common but my husband had heard there was lots of heather there so we thought we would have a little adventure. We walked through a big wood and down some steps until we came across a huge amount of open land with trees, grass, paths and heather. It was beautiful. It reminded of a desert for some reason, it all looked a bit dry and sandy.

We walked along the sandy paths, clambered over tree stumps and squeezed our way through the prickly branches to make it to some big clumps of heather and it was stunning. The lighting was on my side once again and I had so much fun capturing the different shades of purple amongst the dried out browns and greens surrounding it.

It was a lovely way to spend a Sunday, it was the perfect temperature and it felt so peaceful as we only passed the occasional dog walker so it felt like we were the only ones there.

Later that day I told my parents where we had been and it turns out my Grandpa would often suggest to go to Chobham common for a Sunday drive which drove everyone barmy, but I can totally see why he loved it so much and now it feels that extra bit special to me.

Next year I think we’ll try to go a couple of weeks early so we catch the heather when it’s a brighter shade of purple.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah x


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