Windsor Great Park

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As the weather is being super kind to us I have been trying to get out for some adventures as much as possible. Last weeks main adventure was a trip to Great Windsor Park with Nicky and Harrison. You will be seeing them (mainly Harrison) pop up quite a bit on this blog as Nicky loves a free photo shoot and exploring Surrey and I adore taking Harrison’s picture and I quite like Nicky too!

Armed with a packed lunch, camera, buggies and the babes we set off for our weekly stroll. There are many entrances to the park and luckily I know of one that isn’t that well known and has plenty of parking. This section of the park is pretty quiet so we didn’t come across that many people. Just a few deer roaming about which put us on edge. I was convinced they were going to charge at us. I swear becoming a mother has made me really irrational with things like that.


Anyway, the sun was shining as we set off and made everything look really pretty and autumnal but as we kept walking the sun went behind the clouds and it started to drizzle. Not ideal. We referred to the silly iPhone weather app and it assured us it wasn’t meant to rain so we carried on until we could see Windsor Castle. There was no way we would make it to the castle and then back again so we gazed at it from afar and then turned back to find a bench in the sun for lunch.


It was lovely. The children nibbled and we kept an eye out for the deer as we could hear they weren’t far away. After lunch we found a den and had a little explore until the children had had enough and we headed back to the pub next to our cars. We ended our walk with a hot chocolate and coffee in the sun whilst Betty napped in the buggy and Harrison caused mischief with a fruit pouch.

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The ‘Time to go’ face

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Fingers crossed the sun is shining for our next adventure!

Thanks for reading,

Sarah x



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