Fields of Lavender


When the sun started to shine back in June I began to think about summer day trips and first on my list was visiting the lavender fields not too far from me. I first attempted to go to them in July with my dad but we ended up at a really run down garden centre with a few sprigs of lavender in pots. Not what I had in mind! So I researched some more and in August I visited the purple field of dreams with my friend Nicky and her little boy Harrison.


We arrived to rows and rows of purple loveliness. I thought the smell would be really strong and leave you smelling like your granny for days but that wasn’t the case. I couldn’t really smell it at all to be honest which was a bit of a shame but lets be honest, I wasn’t there for the smell, I was there to get snap happy and that is exactly what I did. Armed with two lenses, Nicky as my assistant, a baby and a toddler we were ready to create some magic and I was pretty pleased with how the photos turned out.

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Both children were so well behaved and were the perfect models for us crazy mummies. We did quite well to get a row with no people in although occasionally someone crept into the background which drove me potty. Couldn’t they see we were mummies on a mission with children who could erupt with a meltdown any second?!


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Planning their escape route!

Considering it was a pretty dull day we managed to get some lovely shots as soon as we arrived and after a bit of cake and 7Up (diet of mums) we nipped back to try and grab a few more until the babies had had enough and the rain came!


We had such a lovely morning snapping away amongst beautiful lavender and I know we’ll be back next year for round two of photos although something tells me we’ll need more bribes…

Thanks for reading,


Sarah x




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