Catch up

I don’t think I have blogged for well over a year. Life suddenly got really busy and I just didn’t have the time to keep up with a blog about life as a mummy,wife and nanny. Betty was just over one when I put a stop to blogging and now she is almost two and a half and a totally different person… we both are I think. We’ve changed as time has passed, as everyone does.

At the moment life has calmed down a little bit due to changing jobs and now working part time, so I thought I might start blogging again but just the memories.

As much as I like reading other blogs about life with children it’s just not what I want to write about. I have nothing different or interesting to add to that subject so I don’t see the point.

My passion and hobby for the past ten years has been photography and in the past three months I’ve really given it a shot and absolutely loved it. I wouldn’t call myself professional (one day) but perhaps keen. Very keen.

So this blog will be all about my family and friends but through photographs and a few words. I want to remember the little things as well as the big things so documenting them here will hopefully allow me to do that.

There may be the odd bit of ‘mum life’ thrown in there but hopefully not too much.

I’m excited to document our family life and memories and I hope you enjoy looking at the whole story rather than a snippet on Instagram!

Thanks for reading,
Sarah x


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