Miss Betty at 18 months

Wowzers Betty boo, you’re 18 months! As all parents say, I don’t know where the time has gone, holding you for the first time feels like a very long time ago and yet I remember it so clearly, like it was yesterday.

You are no longer a little bundle that I could cuddle whenever I wanted, oh how I wish I had cuddled you more, you’ve not been a huge fan of cuddles since you’ve been able to escape them!

About you

You have a huge personality that constantly wears me out and has me opened mouthed in amusement most days. You walk, run, bounce and zoom ALL day. I’m not sure where you get your energy from as Mummy and Daddy like to take it easy. You are so desperate to talk and you find it very frustrating when we don’t understand the full sentence you have babbled to us. The words you can say are… Quack, Moo, BO (Boo) Gogog (Dog), Larlee&Lala (Charlie&Lola), Daddy, Nanna, Ceecee (Chrissie), Mama, No (firm fav of yours) and the newest edition, Oh no. You are a very happy little girl and you love being the centre of attention. You love to play with older children, probably because you get your way ‘cos you’re the cute little baby! You take full advantage of that. You have started to get a bit shy when you’re around new people or people you haven’t seen for a while. When you get shy you cuddle into me, really snuggle against me. Betty, you can be shy for the rest of time as long as I get those snuggle cuddles. Heart melters.

You can snap your hands to symbolise a crocodile, you can oo-oo-a-a to symbolise a monkey and you sometimes roar for a tiger. You say ”Row row” when you’d like to hear some nursery rhymes and you continue to say that as I sing to you. Or maybe you’re saying ‘no no’ to my singing…


Your most favourite thing to do is go outside. Come rain or shine you want to be out there, it makes you so happy and can instantly calm you down if you’re upset or angry. In second place of favourite things is filling paper bags with bits and bobs and then walking around like a bag lady, collecting small items and putting them in and out of pots, holding mummy’s credit cards and moving them from one hand to the other and shuffling them. You will do those things for hours. Thank you, it means I get a coffee break.


Your routine has been the same for quite some time now which is good as that helps you to know what’s going on each day and I think you like that.

7 – 7.30 am- wake up

8 – 8.30 am- breakfast

9 – 11 am- play, out and about

11.30 – 12 pm – lunch

12pm- off to work with mummy

1 – 2.30pm- nap time

3pm- school pick up

3.30- 4.30pm- play

4.30 – 5pm- dinner

6pm- home time

6.30- bath time

7pm- bed time

Not the most exciting routine but it works nicely for us!

I’m sorry I haven’t written more updates on you. I always planned to but life got in the way and time whizzed by. I’ll try to do another one when you’re a little older and possible talking. I can’t wait for that Miss Betty!


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