My Birth Story


Before I forget the whole experience in minute detail I thought I would jot the memories down for all to see but mainly for Betty to read when she is older.

A few details to get you up to date on the pregnancy…

Betty was breech so we had been booked in for a caesarean and my mucus plug had gone the morning of my labour day but the midwife said it was very common and usually nothing happens for a fair while after, so here we go….


Labour Day

On and off I had been saying to Jon ”today’s the day” and he would just look and me and say ”you said that two days ago”. However, when I said it to him as we were about to go through the car wash he gave me a smile and said ”really?”. After leaving the car to get cleaned we walked from the car wash to the Sainsbury’s which is next to the car wash. This walk was hard, to a normal human it would take 30 seconds but to a human that’s turned into a whale it took 5 minutes. We got a few bits from the shop, had a cooked breakfast and then embarked on the 5 minute walk back to the car, I found it super difficult second time round and went straight back to bed as soon as we got home.

One hour later I woke up with a jolt as it appeared as though I had wet myself. When I fully came round I realised it was my waters breaking. Panic took over. ‘Stevie’ wasn’t due to arrive for another four days so I immediately rang my mum who was incredibly calm and just said to give the hospital a call just to see what they advised. My mum is a nurse, she knew that her granddaughter was on her way but didn’t let on to me. I rang the hospital and they advised to pop up to get checked over. An hour later after rushing round the house to get it tidy, getting my bag, waiting for Jon to have a shower (!) we were on the way to the hospital and in TOTAL denial. We thought we’d be sent home.HA.

We arrived at 12.00pm and after some faffing about with getting seen I was up on the bed in my gown being seen by doctors and nurses. They were talking about doing an emergency C-section but I still wasn’t convinced Betty was on her way, no one ever said to me that I would be having her that day or how soon it would happen.

Lying on the bed in the labour unit was very strange, it had happened so so fast. The ward was very quiet and there were just a few couples going in and out being monitored. Jon had gone off to get some snacks and some magazines for me, he was gone for what felt like hours and I was so worried he wouldn’t be back in time. I’m pretty sure as soon as he got back he was whisked away to get ready for theatre!

All of a sudden we were walking to theatre, I was still in disbelief.

betty 049The Birth

I was on the operating table waiting for the spinal to go in when a panic attack kicked in. I was totally overwhelmed that Betty would be out in under 30 minutes and I just broke down, poor Jon had to stand there with his hands on my shoulders trying to keep me still but also trying to calm me down really fast. Not an easy task but he was wonderful and calmed me down.

Panic attack over and spinal in I was lying down with the screen up. Anyone who thinks only natural birth makes you lose your dignity are wrong. On the other side of that screen is your half naked body,foof ‘n all, midwives having to hold your legs otherwise they fall open due to you having no control after the spinal and eventually your insides are on show. Oh, and your husband and about six other people are all there watching. Hot stuff.

Jon and I had lots of time to chat whilst the doctor and nurses were getting ready but I don’t think we really knew what to talk about as it was so surreal. Part of my birth plan was to have Heart radio station on in the background as in my head I was going to give birth in the evening and thought that having club classics on in the background would be great! HA. That fairy tail idea didn’t work out and there I was in the middle of the day giving birth, still, they put Heart on for me so Jon and I listened to the songs and chatted. Fleetwood Mac were playing as we walked into theatre which was so lovely as I had played them to Betty throughout my pregnancy.

betty 051

It was time to get Betty out and as I heard the words ”knife to skin” I tensed up as I thought it was going to majorly hurt but obviously I felt nothing. In fact all I felt throughout the whole process was a bit of motion sickness as I could feel the doctor feeling around and tugging inside my tummy. It’s really hard to describe what that feels like but it 100% did not hurt. I have no idea how long it took to get her out but before I knew it she was looking at me over the screen and I was just staring at her. She was taken to get cleaned up and weighed and that’s when I blubbed. Blubbed hard.

They stitched me up, the midwife told me I had a very flat stomach (what an angel) and then Betty was with me. My life was complete!

IMG_1505Although Betty’s arrival took us by surprise we think it probably worked out for the best. There was no time to overthink things and although it all happened within five hours it was so relaxed and calm and for me, the perfect birth.

How was your birth? Did your little one take you by surprise or did your birth go to plan?

Thanks for reading,

Sarah x


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