Please don’t offer to have my baby

So I don’t know if it’s just me being a crazy loon but I cannot deal with people offering to have Betty. The out of the blue very kind offer throws me into panic mode and I find it very hard to deal with and instantly put up a guard.

I need to mentally prepare for being without Betty for at least a week and I have to come up with the idea. I don’t worry about her safety when she is away from me as I know she’s in the hands of people who adore her. I worry about her routine, I worry about how much food she will eat, I worry about her getting enough fluid, I worry about her being put down for a nap at the right time in the right way just how she likes it, I worry she won’t get enough sleep, I worry that she won’t be comforted in the way she likes if she’s sad, I worry because the people looking after her won’t know why she’s making that sound at that particular time, I worry that people will teach her things I don’t want her to be taught (saying ‘Ta’ for example).

When I do let others have her I leave a very detailed page of notes and I need contact throughout the day. Even a simple ‘all ok’ text will do, but I would prefer more…obviously!

I know I sound crazy but I hope I’m not the only mummy out there that feels this way!

Can any mummies relate to this?

Sarah x


3 thoughts on “Please don’t offer to have my baby

  1. simplelifemummy says:

    I was totally the same when my son was a little, now he’s turning 3 I don’t worry as much when he has outings with friends and/or family as he can speak for what he needs and I see how much enjoyment he gets out of spending the day with others. Each time is a mini adventure! Although I do still insist on regular updates and plenty of whatsapp pictures ha ha xx


  2. Suzie says:

    Oh my goodness – I could have written this! Particularly the ‘Ta’ thing – I hate that so much! My mother in law says it to my son and it irritates the hell out of me! 😩


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