Luxury with a baby

The end of April saw us jet off to Antigua. I know, lucky right?! Well actually not so much. Jon and I had been to Antigua for a second honeymoon and it was amazing, we loved it so much that we just had to go back and though we knew it wouldn’t be quite the same with Betty in tow we thought it would be similar. We were wrong, oh so very wrong.

Let me break it down for you….

The flight out

8.5 hours of walking/crawling up and down the aisle. 40 minutes of sleep on me in two 20 minute bursts. No proper food as we didn’t realise we needed to order her a lunch pre flight, duh! The flight filled me with dread but despite those few hick ups it actually went pretty smoothly, we took old and new toys and plenty of snacks so she was quite happy considering she was mostly confined to a small space infront of our seats.

Time difference

This is something Betty never really adjusted to. She was hungry at the wrong times and tired at the wrong times. She did well to power through until 11/12pm UK time but that was 6/7pm their time so we were in bed on our iPads pretty early every night. I know, I know. Rock and roll baby!

The Food

This got to me the most. She would not eat. Her body clock was all over the place so she just wasn’t hungry at the times we were eating, she was hungry five hours before but that was the middle of the night or during her nap. Luckily we took Marmite with us as I could guarantee she would eat that and she did. Breakfast was about the only thing she would eat so I would feed and feed her until she wouldn’t take anymore so at least she had something in her tummy. Lunch, there was no point even bothering. Dinner was a scream. Literally. She would scream/ cry/ whinge all.the.way.through. We had to practically pour our food in and run back to the room so she could crash out for the night.


Only go on a beachy hot holiday if your child is happy sitting in one spot or able to walk unaided. Betty was at the stage of being able to walk but didn’t have the confidence to let go of our hands. Queue hours of taking turns to walk her up and down the beach front and having people say to us ”is that all she does?” ”Doesn’t she get tired?” ”Wow, she likes to walk”. We would also spend hours walking the length of our room, she wouldn’t crawl, she had to be helped around the room, Jon and I would have to take turns so we could get ready everyday. Total nightmare.

The heat

She hated it. It totally wiped her out. The only place she was happy was in the air-conditioned room with just her nappy on. Yeah, that’s what we spent thousands to go and do!


Dun dun duuun. As predicted she got her first ever teeth when we were there. Well , she cut one before we left but it was barely noticeable compared to the top four teeth that burst through during our stay. Poor poor baby. She got her first ever fever thanks to those buggers and we ran out of calpol. Hell on earth. I had to ring round for calpol. Luckily our holiday rep tracked some down for us for a large sum of money!

Cooling down

Let’s go to the beach, she’ll love that. No she bloody didn’t and neither did I. I already have a thing about sand getting over everything and sticking to your suncreamed body so to add a hot sweaty, snotty, suncreamed baby into the mix sent me over the edge. She didn’t want to play with the bucket and spade, she didn’t want to stay in the shade and she certainly did not want to go in the sea. So, let’s try her in the pool. She loved it in the rubber ring cruising around the pool. But only for 10 minutes max and after about five days she refused to sit in the rubber ring. Serious nightmare so back to the room we went, hence no carribean tan!

The flight home

Pretty much an absolute dream. 10.5 hours long (we had to stop in St Lucia) I would say she was awake for an hour of it and spent the rest of the time asleep on me bar a little nap on the chair I should have been snoozing on.

All in all a very tiring ten days in paradise, the hotel was lovely, the views were great, the staff were nice and the weather was amazing.

My advise …take five extra nappies, if your child has a favourite cup take another in your luggage, take a whole load of spare snacks or food pouches, take an extra bottle of calpol, prepare to not rest for more then their nap duration each day, book a fake tan for the day you get back and take the grandparents with you!
Thanks for reading,

Sarah x


One thought on “Luxury with a baby

  1. Bree says:

    Awww sorry it wasn’t the vacation you expected! We brought my daughter to the Bahamas for a week when she was around 16 months and she loved it! It definitely wasn’t as relaxing as it used to be sans-child, but she did surprisingly well and had a great time. And having an independent walker can be a pain too because there weren’t really any enclosed play spaces for her to run around in. Meaning we had to chase her down the hallways of the resort because she can only last so long in the stroller. Hopefully the next vacay will be better!


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