Baby turns one

Back in April little Miss Betty turned one. It totally knocked me down and made me an emotional wreck for a good four days or so. I majorly blubbed into Jon’s arms the night before and when we got back from her party as I stupidly played the song she was born to!

I couldn’t deal with how fast the year had gone, how distant her first few weeks in the world felt but also how it felt like yesterday that I held her for the first time. She still felt like my teeny tiny baby but looked like a toddler.

After getting the tears out I took a moment to think through the last year and thought wow. I did it. I actually survived a whole year of being a mummy. I got through the sleepless nights, I got through weaning, I got through going back to work and I got through the many changes of routine and life as I once knew it.

Jon and I are so proud of what Betty has become. She is such a funny character a true mix of us both. She is unbelievably head strong and will not take no for an answer, knows how to throw a tantrum when said word has been mentioned, not cuddly in the slightest – seriously don’t even bother trying, she’s a little tomboy and knows no fear, loves an audience, poses instantly when she sees that someone is taking a photo and responds well to routine.

We didn’t throw a huge party for her birthday, she doesn’t have friends and wouldn’t remember what happened so we just had a little tea party with family. We spent the morning at our local park and opening presents and then went to my parents house after her nap. She had some cake and opened more presents, prefect birthday to me!

So that’s it. Happy 1st birthday Elizabeth Mabel, may you continue to grow into the kooky little lady that you are!
Thanks for reading,
Sarah x


2 thoughts on “Baby turns one

  1. Knight Mummy says:

    I had a little cry reading this! My daughter is 1 in 5 weeks and I’m glad I’m not the only one finding it emotional!


  2. Mylittleflower says:

    My little one is 7 months old today, and each passing milestone is a reminder of how quickly she is growing and changing each day….it makes me smile, but also want to cry. So many times I want to be able to press a “pause” button to slow it all down! I will no doubt have a cry when the big day arrives xx

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