She only eats when standing

Before I was pregnant and during pregnancy and I would often tell Jon all the things that I would never allow our child to do and generally he would agree with these things.
We would be in pubs and see children doing awful things and give each other a nod and add that to the list of no-no’s, we would be in Sainsbury’s and see parents rushing around doing the weekly shop in less than 15 minutes with a screaming child in tow, something I swore would NEVER happen. Parents relying on dummies and comforters, I was so against this, my child would never need those things …. and the list goes on.

So what did I do when Betty was 3 days old and crying? Ask the midwife if I could use a dummy! She said no as it would interfere with breast feeding so I didn’t think about it again until week two. The bottle had taken over and I knew she needed a little comfort in-between so I introduced the dummy. She refused it. I persisted. She gave in. Peace all around.

What do I do on a weekly basis, sometimes daily? 🙈 The weekly food shop in less then 15 minutes with Betty in tow, not screaming as I’m shoving the dummy in and bribing her with rice cakes (she doesn’t know what chocolate is yet). Make a list, put your running shoes on and put your head down. The people you ram the trolley into as you rush round will soon forget, but maybe shout sorry as you skid round to the next aisle!

Pre baby I thought meal times would be a breeze and I’m happy to say that generally they are, however breakfast is an issue. All Betty wants to do is play and crawl about and not be stuck in her highchair. We have a daily battle that she always wins. I’ll put her in her highchair and start to feed her, she will press her lips together and raise her eyebrows at me, I’ll start singing nursery rhymes and she’ll start to grumble. This goes on for five minutes before I give up and take her out. Knowing she’s won yet again she’ll crawl about giggling to herself while I’m shuffling around behind her trying to get a mouthful of porridge in mid play. We finally compromise and she’ll stand against the sofa playing with the remotes as I shovel porridge in.
This is the only way it works for me and naturally she’ll eat all the porridge in her highchair plus toast and yoghurt for Granny!

So mummies, don’t worry if the no-no’s list has turned into the yes-yes list, just keep your baby happy and all will work out. I don’t know any adult that must eat their breakfast standing against the sofa with remote in hand!

Have you ended up doing something you swore you wouldn’t do pre children?

Sarah x


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