Let’s get to know one another!

So I thought I would give blogging a go. I work, run the house and I am a mummy to a very active 9 month old baby, so what the heck, let’s add blogging to the list!

As the title suggests I’d like to get to know you as you get to know me. I’d love to read your blogs and blogs you recommend so please let me know of any!

I’ll start things off and tell you a little about me. My name is Sarah, I’m 26 and live in Surrey. I have been a wife for two years and five months and a mummy for almost ten months. You can probably tell already that I am in no way a good writer, my English teacher would probably laugh her head off if she knew I was doing this, but screw it, I want to do this so I will, regardless of how good or bad I am at putting words together!

Nicky's wedding 070

My husband is Jon. I doubt you’ll see much of him on here as he strongly dislikes having his photo taken and totally doesn’t get the whole blog thing. Jon is exactly eight years older than me ( we share the same birth date – grr), he’s blonde, blue-eyed, would like to think he’s 6ft but he’s not and he’s a greenkeeper.

bigbury 064

Elizabeth is our daughter. Elizabeth Mabel Hutton to be exact but she answers to Betty. She is almost ten months and is a complete bundle of joy, dark-haired like I was but blue-eyed like Jon, a good mixture of us both. She loves food, LOVES to bounce, she is desperate to walk even though she’s only been crawling for two weeks, not a fan of chocolate cake but demolishes a bread stick and raisins…..she’ll soon learn the error of her ways!

bettyboo 067

That’s us in a nutshell.

Sarah x


6 thoughts on “Let’s get to know one another!

  1. Knight Mummy says:

    Love your blog posts! Your daughter is gorgeous and such a stunning name! Really looking forward to future posts 😊 I’ve just started blogging myself so it’s nice to read someone else just starting out!


  2. Knight Mummy says:

    Love your blog posts! Your daughter is a beauty and such s stunning name. I’m really looking forward to future posts 😊 my daughter is 7 months so enjoying seeing a family just ahead of us. I’ve just started blogging too so it’s nice finding another newbie!!


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